Let's talk technology

Maximizing the information extraction from SAR images

What do we do?

Step 1: Satellite Image

We focus on an area of interest and retrieve the best satellite (SAR) images available

Step 2: Image Processing

SAR images are processed using 3vG technology to generate measurements, increase spatial detail and remove noise

Step 3: Deliver Results

We extract all relevant information and provide it to our clients for their projects

Image Processing Techniques

Phase-based change detection
Amplitude-based thematic mapping
Feature Extraction
Object-based extraction and tracking


Ground Motion
Subsidence, Uplift, Slope creep
Marine mapping
Oil slicks, Platforms, Vessels
Urban development
City planning, Economic indicators

Why 3vG?

3vG provides accurate information with increased target density and coverage. We don't rely on one single method, but utilize the best methods for each set of conditions. Our InSAR toolbox includes:


inSar Image

DinSAR+ is the simplest method that provides a good snapshot of ground movement, but does not provide displacement history or noise reduction.

Permanent Targets (PSI)

inSAR Permanent Targets

PSI identifies and measures permanent targets from a stack of images, providing advantages such as full displacement history and reduced noise.

Temporary Targets

inSar Temporary Targets

This method aggregates temporary and permanent targets. 3vG expands the spatial coverage and density of measurements, while retaining low noise.